//0-100 in Django: Introduction

0-100 in Django: Introduction

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I was recently invited to DjangoCon 2017 to give a tutorial on getting started with Django. The aim of the tutorial was to help beginners get started with Django and teach them everything they needed to know to setup, build, and launch their own web app. The tutorial’s title was “From 0 to 100 in Django.” I excitedly put together a huge list of items I wanted to talk about and set off for Spokane.

Unfortunately once I gave the tutorial I was hit with the realization that there was far to much content to cover in just 3.5 hours. By the last 30 minutes of the tutorial I still had 4–5 sections I had not even touched on so I had the class take a vote on what exactly they wanted to cover. Due to lack of time/coverage and a few errors along the tutorial (note: live coding always sounds better than it works!) I have decided to put together a longer lasting multi-week tutorial covering all of the content my tutorial did, but in more depth, as well as covering all of the content I was not able to adequately cover at the time.

The plan is to release two articles a week; on Monday and Friday. These tutorials are aimed to be beginner-intermediate developer friendly, to teach best practices starting early and to help everyone grow just a little bit. This means even if you have never even touched Python before, you should be able to start at Part 1 and move forward without any problems. Additionally intermediate level developers are encouraged to follow along as well. While you will not glean nearly as much as the beginners, I can garuntee that you will learn somethings about Models, Querysets, Views, and CBV’s that you did not previously know.

All of my code will be hosted on Gitlab for anyone to download, fork and play with in their own time, though every step will be detailed in the blog as well. If at anytime you have any question about the code or some practice, please make sure to comment on the post! I highly believe that the only bad question is one you never get an answer to, and you may very well be helping out someone else who is to shy to ask for themselves!

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